Be accompanied

Be accompanied

Be guided through the
GDPR compliance process

External DPO or mutualised

In many cases, the appointment of an internal, external or shared DPO is mandatory or highly recommended for the organisations (headquarters or service providers). The right profile to carry out these missions requires not only experience, but also great versatility.

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Software GDPR

Actecil offers several collaborative, ergonomic and intuitive platforms dedicated to the data processing management.

Our software simplifies DPO missions and is based on a legal reference framework. They enable rapid analysis and instant identification of non-compliance points and propose corrective actions.


Depending on your needs, the maturity of your GDPR and your budget, your consultant will guide you towards the most suitable software.

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Help & Support

Online GDPR support

Need to talk to our GDPR experts to find quick answers?

Our E-Assistance service is a one-off accompaniment to support and advise you in your compliance analysis and procedures. We provide you with the expertise of our GDPR compliance experts via a secure web platform.

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Our accompanying solutions

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