Becoming a DPO

Become autonomous
and master the GDPR legal framework

How to become a DPO ? Training is essential !

Only 13.4% of DPO considered that they were perfectly aware of the legal framework and GDPR environment (In a study carried out by the French Association of Vocational Training for Adults (AFPA) in 2019 regarding DPO job).


Make a difference within your company by becoming the key axis for the protection and value increase of the company’s data assets.

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Is my company concerned by the compulsory designation of a DPO?

The GDPR applies :


  • To all organizations processing personal data of European citizens
  • Companies outside the EU processing personal data of European citizens


Your company’s internal (Human Resources, Marketing, IT, etc.) and external (subcontractors) employees must also comply with the GDPR. Indeed, anyone processing personal data must respect the GDPR and therefore be at least aware of it.

It is under the employer or DPO responsibility to create this opportunity to raise awareness of the GDPR for the company’s employees.


What is the final benefit of being in compliance with the GDPR ?

In order to protect your customers and internal data assets, the company needs to maintain its level of GDPR compliance. Indirectly, by carrying out these actions you convey strong signals of professionalism, organization and thus you are generating business.

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How do I achieve and maintain my GDPR compliance?

1. Make your employees aware of personal data processing. This action will enable you to :


  • Ensure that your internal community has the same level of knowledge about your priority
  • To start your new organization
  • To set up a team of referents/relayers for your DPO
  • To achieve this objective, which is considered a quality standard
  • To ensure your success: protect your information assets: the personal data of your internal and external clients
  • Anticipating change by being aware of the new obligations of the general data protection regulation


2. Internalizing and opting for training of your DPO


3. Securing data :


  • your employees’ data (human resources)
  • your prospects’ data (marketing department)
  • your clients data (service commercial et fidélisation),
  • Your internal data (IT department)
  • Your subcontractors data


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