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Why doing RGPD trainings?

Raising your staff’s awareness of GDPR is a major challenge. Employees are also responsible for data protection and raising their awareness of the GDPR ‘s good practices helps to ensure the security of your customers’ personal data.

The DPO must inform and advise each employee of the company. It is therefore essential that he or she is trained in GDPR in order to provide you with the best possible support in your efforts to achieve GDPR compliance.

Securing your employees’ personal data helps to strengthen the bond of trust necessary for the smooth running of your company. To secure your employees’ data, it is important to train your HR in GDPR.

The GDPR implies a number of changes and new rules to be respected concerning the data process of the company’s customers and prospects. The marketing department must master the data processing specific to the marketing field and adopt good practices to prospect in a way that complies with the GDPR.

It is essential to secure your company’s data in order to avoid possible IT security breaches. Training your employees in good IT security practices (strong passwords, risks of public wi-fi, anti-virus and firewall, etc.) helps protecting the company as a whole.



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Specialised in RGPD training and backed by Actecil’s 13 years of expertise, RGPD Academy was born out of the desire to outsource the Actecil group’s training division. RGPD Academy’s aim is to convey good practices in the field of personal data, through a pedagogy based on the transmission and transfer of skills. The objective is to support our clients in their compliance efforts so that they are always more efficient in terms of data protection.

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The departments concerned

Several departments collect or process personal data. In order to ensure and maintain your compliance, we recommend that you raise awareness and train your employees according to their field of activity.




  1. In a virtual classroom, you do a training module of 3h30 / day (morning or afternoon). Instead of doing one week non-stop in the classroom, you only do half days but over 2 consecutive weeks.
  2. You can follow the training in the place of your choice.
  3. Avoid the risks of contamination
  4. Reduce costs for the company (hotel, restaurant, travel, …)
  5. It does not disrupt your personal organisation (e.g. childcare, sport, diet, …).

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