IT Security Audit

Avoid Falling Victim to a Cyber Attack !

What is the purpose of an IT security audit?

In the digital age, the importance of IT security has never been greater. In a hyper-connected economy, ongoing digital transformation has led to organizations becoming increasingly dependent on their information systems.


The objective of an IT security audit is to mitigate risks and minimize their impact on the operations and core activities of organizations through proactive and regular evaluation of risk management processes. In a world where cyber threats evolve daily, an IT security audit helps anticipate and address potential vulnerabilities.

An IT Security Audit helps to prevent :

  • Data breaches of your own and your customers’ data.
  • Hacking of your computers.
  • Potential penalties for non-compliance with GDPR (such as limitations or suspensions of data processing, fines ranging from 2% to 4% of worldwide consolidated revenue).

Some figures


of French companies are attacked every year


days in average to recover from a cyber crisis

80 000€

average cost of repairing IT damage amounts to 80,000€

How can I prevent a cyber-attack and fully secure my computer system ?

There are several solutions available. ACTECIL, an expert in IT security audits, recommends three solutions. Of course, the suitability of each solution may vary based on your industry, company size, and internal organization.


1. GDPR Diagnostic: This solution includes an audit and coaching. It involves a thorough analysis to assess your compliance or non-compliance with GDPR regulations. In addition to providing an overview of your current situation, the GDPR expert will offer an action plan to help you achieve the expected level of GDPR maturity.


2. GDPR IT Security Audit: This audit verifies the security of your systems using real-life scenarios. It may involve vulnerability detection, searching for potential data breaches, attempting to bypass security measures, injecting or modifying content, and analyzing access resistance.


3. GDPR Software: Actecil provides clients with several software solutions for GDPR compliance assistance and management. These dedicated platforms are designed to handle your data management and can be used by your internal or external GDPR expert or Data Protection Officer (DPO). They enable you to manage your GDPR compliance autonomously.


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Why carrying out an IT security audit?

It is important to know that a computer security audit is recommended every 2/3 years in order to :


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Cybersecurity Barrier Measures

Cybersecurity goes hand in hand with peace of mind… And it’s not just a coincidence! Ensuring the security of your information system is essential to keep hackers and cybercriminals of all kinds at bay.


To support you in your everyday life and professional endeavors, here are some cybersecurity barrier measures for you to follow!

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