Be GDPR compliant here, everywhere in Europe and worldwide

Data protection compliance and adhering to physical, logical and legal security requirements to reduce cyber risks are the challenges you must address now and in the future so that your business can continue to exist.
Our expertise is available to all stakeholders who want to rely on a personal data architect to set up an information system allowing them to collect and use their personal data, whether locally or worldwide.

Actecil, your GDPR partner

Our company stands out for its expertise in GDPR matters. Since 2007, ACTECIL has been creating the technical and legal documents, processes, software tools and documentation databases required by the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

ACTECIL also offers mandatory training and awareness-raising activities adapted to your environment and to your employees.

Every business is unique, with its own challenges and needs. This is why we offer personalized support to our clients.

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Our assistance

Our local and cross-border support.

Regardless of the country where your personal data is processed,

local laws have a very strong impact on your GDPR compliance.

Build on your data protection compliance to increase efficiency

Save valuable time thanks to ACTECIL experts to leverage your GDPR compliance and transfer it to other locations and other countries. You can rely on us. You concentrate on your activities, we take care of the “data protection compliance” part.

Harmonize to standardize


Implement your privacy vision and privacy policy locally and in the countries where you are based or plan to establish operations to promote uniform values and rules. Our “Compliance Surgeons” only make changes if necessary to comply with local laws.


Permanent protection

The GDPR includes essential provisions and obligations relating to the security of personal data. Our area of expertise is technical and legal compliance. We constantly pay attention to the security of your data to reduce the risk of data leaks and to fulfill reporting obligations in the event of security breaches and data protection violations.

Opt for local expertise

Feel comfortable in discussions, ACTECIL team consists of 11 nationalities, speaks 13 languages and has recognized expertise! The consultants of the International Compliance Department know how to meet the requirements in their respective countries of responsibility and support exporting companies by offering tailor-made solutions for handling personal data.

All of our consultants are data protection experts

Data protection around the world

Today 156 countries out of 218 regulate the use of personal data. The business activity in one country or from another country, the use of a representative or subcontractor on site, necessarily requires that these binding rules are taken into account as early as possible, in order to secure and actively contribute to the development of company activities in the selected area or country.


Unrestricted transfer of personal data is only possible for 51 countries out of 218 countries. 38 countries out of 51 are members of the EU or EEA.


Sanctions linked to GDPR breaches

Penalties for non-compliance include significant fines of up to €20 million or 4% of your company’s annual worldwide turnover, whichever is higher. In addition, there is a risk of damaging your company’s reputation and losing the trust of your customers, which can have lasting financial consequences. France and Luxembourg are among the three countries where the heaviest sanctions have been imposed.

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Actecil, 16 years of data protection consulting

In 2007 nobody was talking about the GDPR. However, Actecil has already advised companies and authorities on data protection.

For more than a decade, we have been supporting companies and administrations in their pursuit of data protection compliance, regardless of their size or area of activity. Actecil’s lawyers, all of whom are data protection experts, will find the most suitable solutions to your data protection compliance needs.

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