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A budget

A budget

What are the missions of the DPO?

Even when it is not mandatory, appointing a DPO within your company allows you to :


  • Make all your staff aware of GDPR
  • Securing your employee data (HR)
  • Securing the data of your customers and prospects (marketing department)
  • Securing your computer data (IT department)

DPO in a nutshell

In many cases, the designation of an internal, external or shared DPO is mandatory or strongly recommended for organizations (principals or service providers) since May 25, 2018.

The right profile to accomplish these missions requires not only expertise but also great versatility.

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What are the missions of the outsourced DPO?

Above all, the DPO has a fundamental role in advising on the company’s strategy to ensure the security, optimization, and enhancement of its client’s data assets.


The CNIL specifies the missions of the DPO through the General Regulations on Data Protection. It specifies the objectives of the Data Protection Delegate :


  • Inform and advise the data controller about the obligations in terms of personal data protection.
  • Raise awareness, inform, and advise the employees of the company where it operates on the issues of personal data protection and the GDPR
  • Checking compliance with the GDPR by carrying out an GDPR compliance audit
  • Drawing up an privacy impact assessment on the protection of company data (PIA)
  • Be available and answer questions from data subjects (internally: employees, externally: customers, patients, prospects, etc.) when processing personal data
  • Ensuring cooperation with the CNIL (GDPR’s control body) by managing the interactions between the company and the control authority

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Internal DPO or external DPO, what are the differences?

External-mutualized DPO

Neutral and independent
No conflict of interest
Available immediately (does not require training)
Available according to needs
Possibility of pooling the DPO function between different public and private organizations as long as they are in the same sector of activity
Constant and efficient monitoring
No payroll charges
In case of absence or illness, immediate replacement

Internal DPO

Masters the company’s field of activity
Knows the company’s working environment
Knows the internal (employees) and external (customers, prospects, subcontractors) interlocutors
Knows the company’s values
Reactive in case of need for physical intervention as it is present in the premises
Requires training
Risk of conflict of interest

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Frequently Asked Questions

This solution is a remote assistance by our expert DPOs to support your company in case of absence of the person in charge of the protection of your personal data (DPO/DPD, Quality Manager, IT Manager, …) or to accompany them during lock-down periods.

DPO assistance can be provided:


  • To support the actions of your DPO, help him/her in his/her actions and check that everything is in order ;
  • To set up a Covid consulting action including a COVID treatment model, a telework addendum, an information collection support and good practices in telework;
  • As a replacement in case he is sick with Covid or other … (which we obviously do not wish him!).

    Depending on your expectations, we can take action:


    • By one or more one-day actions OR
    • In the form of an “e-ticket” (hourly rate).

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