Office in Nice

Office in Nice
Costa Azul

Since its entry into force on May 25, 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation means asking yourself the right questions to comply with this new regulation.

Actecil, thanks to its 13 years of experience, can help you in your approach to GDPR compliance.

An accompaniment adapted to your specific needs for full compliance

Our 360° solutions allow us to respond to each of your needs to achieve full GDPR compliance.

Advice: Our experts accompany you to detect aspects of non-compliance.

  • Consulting : Nos experts RGPD vous accompagnent pour déceler les éléments de non-conformités, et y pallier en mettant en place un plan d’action.
  • Cybersecurity: Actecil offers security audits and training to raise your teams’ awareness of cybersecurity.
  • External DPO, shared DPO: Actecil can be appointed as external or shared DPO to help you maintain GDPR compliance.
  • GDPR software: APM, BBCompliance and DataLegalDrive are software to identify your points of GDPR non-compliance.
  • E-assistance: our GDPR experts answer your questions and advise you on your analyses.
  • Trainings: We offer you GDPR training in face-to-face mode (intra or inter), e-learning and virtual classroom.

Whether face-to-face or remote, our teams of GDPR experts are committed to providing you with pedagogical support so that you can understand the actions taken (origin, obligations, actions implemented, maturity at a given time, etc.).

Each service systematically leads to a satisfaction survey certified by the external company Trustpilot.

Do you need GDPR support in Nice?

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