Information System Audit

Assessing the Security Level of Your Information System

What is an Information System Audit?

An Information System Audit is a process that enables you to assess the level of security in your information system. It is also an opportunity to establish a clear data access policy for your company.


The first step to evaluate the security of your IT infrastructure can be categorized into three main areas:


  • Information System Assessment: This involves conducting a comprehensive examination of all potential risk areas within your system.
  • Website Resilience Testing: By testing the resilience of your website, you can identify weaknesses and critical points that may require attention.
  • Wi-Fi Security Audit: This audit aims to assess the resistance to vulnerabilities and expose exploitable weaknesses that attackers may target.

How much does an Information System Audit cost?

The initial step described above, also known as the Assessment Phase, has a cost of :


What happens after this level 1 audit ?

At the end of the restitution of the report (Audit of level 1), the customers are invited to apply corrective measures. This trip can be done :


  • internally by a member of your team who has the necessary skills,
  • or by an external service provider such as Actecil, an expert in personal data protection since 2007.


Calling on an external service provider to carry out the audit allows you to have a neutral position, an external and professional view of all of your IT security, WIFI and your website.


Remember that the website is a target for hackers. It is also the first entry point for CNIL control.

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